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Monday, February 4, 2008


The rules are simple:

  1. Pick a song. If you need some help in choosing a song, I will post a theme for each week. You can find the upcoming themes list in the sidebar to the right. Of course, choosing a song to fit the theme is not mandatory, and you can always post any song that strikes your fancy.
  2. Post the song.
  3. Post the lyrics.
  4. Plug the song into Pandora (or any similar service) as a new station and list the first five songs (other than the one you picked) that it spits out.
  5. Post your link here.
See, simple!

Edit 2/11/08: I've just been made aware that Pandora is not available outside the US. My apologies! If you can't use Pandora, try Last FM. There you can only put in the artist, rather than the song, but it's otherwise the same idea. If anyone has any other suggestions for similar sites, please let me know.